Event Registration

This page provides information and the criteria required for registering apprentices for the 2021 Graduation Virtual Ceremony. The graduation ceremony in Kent and Medway is free to all graduates.

Are you an Apprentice or have you got an Apprentice employed with you who will complete their qualification between 1st September 2020 – 31st August 2021?  If you're a provider, perhaps you work with apprentices and employers and may also want to encourage nominations from your apprentice cohort.


If you'd love to celebrate their/your successes, use our easy process by making a nomination(s) via registration on our site's Registration portal below. We will then be in touch to validate the nomination(s) with you.


Registration: Closed 5pm, 1st September 2021!

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Nomination & Registration Process


  1. Employers and training providers should submit registrations, although in exceptional cases apprentices can self nominate, but should get in touch with us first via the Contact page form.

  2. Apprentices that achieved their apprenticeship between 1st September 2020 & 31st August 2021 can participate in this graduation ceremony.

  3. This may include those that were not able to complete in 2019/20, for example due to Covid-19 disruption, but in fact achieved in the 2020/21 academic year (as 2 above).

  4. Achievement is defined as full completion of the training programme plus End-Point Assessment and the confirmed achievement of the apprenticeship.

  5. Please nominate and register using the registration portal below.

  6. Complete all required details fully and accurately to ensure successful registration.

  7. Provision of a valid email for the apprentice(s) is essential as this will ensure event notifications and information updates are sent to them.

  8. On completion of the registration from the apprentice will receive a pre-validation confirmation email.

  9. Successful submission of the registration form will trigger a validation process through which the event organisers will make contact with the provider and employer to finalise the registration.

Before completing the registration form you will need:

  • A valid email for the named apprentice(s) being nominated

  • The formal name of the employer/business that the apprentice(s) has/have worked with in addition to lead contact details

  • The name of the apprenticeship training provider and the name and email of the organisation's staff contact

  • The official full name and level of the apprenticeship undertaken and achieved (use the Apprenticeship Listings look up tables via the buttons opposite to help with this)

  • To be able to confirm that you can provide a photograph(s) of the apprentice(s) being nominated

Apprenticeship Listings
Kent & Medway Apprentice Graduation Virtual Ceremony 2021
08 Oct, 11:45
Remo Online Conferencing Event Platform
The apprentice graduation ceremony is a prestigious event which recognises the achievement of apprentices at all levels through a virtual graduation ceremony to be held on 8 October 2021.