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Apprentice Graduate Case Studies

Georgia Chell
Sharon Williams
Victoria Lawrence
Lauren Shelby
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Carly Ryan

Maintenance & Operations Engineering Technician

Since school, I knew I wanted to follow in my sibling’s footstep and become an Engineer. I loved the idea of being part of something that can influence or change the world, and to achieve it through an apprenticeship was without a doubt the best option for me. I considered university, but I loved the idea of learning practical skills at the same time as learning the theoretical side, plus you gain a qualification without thousands of pounds of tuition fees.  


I started my Engineering Apprenticeship in 2017 after completing my A Levels.  The company who supported me through my apprenticeship is Aeromet International, an aerospace and defence industry.  Alongside completing my Level 3 Mechanical Engineering qualification, I also achieved Level 4 Higher National Certificate Mechanical Engineering. Once a week I attended a training provider called IPS International.

IPS International has taught me practical engineering and theoretical engineering.  It has taken  4 years of studying and many, many assignments later, I am proud to share that I achieved Distinctions across the board, in every subject. Part of the reason I believe I have been so successful is because I have genuinely loved the work and the ways of learning. It is (relatively) easy to put in the hard work and effort when you enjoy what you are learning.

I am forever grateful to IPS International and Aeromet International for giving me the opportunity to study a subject so rare for women in this industry!   My hope for the future is that becoming a women Engineer will not be such an unusual thing and hopefully my experience will help encourage other females to consider such a career path.

I am now considering furthering my education to get a degree in engineering, and who knows, maybe even a Masters!  Whatever I choose to do, I know that the apprenticeship has given me a tremendous platform on which to grow and thrive.


Georgia Chell

Accounts / Finance Assistant


I started my apprenticeship career in 2020 with MidKent College, originally for a customer service role. After expressing that I had more of an interest in Finance, to start with they created an apprentice role in the Corporate Finance team, within Accounts Payable. Since then, I have rapidly moved through the team, focusing on other functions including credit control and management accounts for the college. This way I got a taster of all the areas covered by the finance team.

Upon completing my Level 2 in Accounting, I was offered a Level 3 apprenticeship. I felt as an apprentice that I was looked after, and my company really invested in me with their ongoing support. I have transitioned into a Trainee Management Accountant role, which I am thoroughly enjoying. It has shown me that apprenticeships do have room for progression and you are not disregarded like the stereotype. I was always passionate to progress and continuously be learning and developing. The apprenticeship route was perfect for me!

In the development of my career, I am now a part of the Apprentice Ambassador Network for the Southeast where I am continuing my passion in inspiring others to consider doing an apprenticeship! I believed this would help with personal development and growth as I am beginning to learn the importance of networking.

I have been extremely lucky with my apprenticeship. I am convinced if didn’t carry on going with my level 3, I would not have progressed from an apprentice to trainee. The key is to keep going because there were times where I really struggled with level 3. I look back now, and I am forever grateful I had motivating colleagues and managers around me who supported me.


After I have completed the apprenticeship part of my Level 3, I would wish to move up to Level 4 and maybe even one day go onto ACCA to become chartered. By doing an apprenticeship I have a much clearer vision of where I want to be in the future and what I want to achieve. It has been very rewarding and this year I got awarded Apprentice of the year as recognition for my hard work. We had been low staffed and I was helping all over the place in our department from training new starters to juggling my own tasks, it was a whirlwind but an enjoyable one to say the least!

Sharon Williams KM Event-124.jpg

Sharon Williams

Deputy Operations Manager in Urology - EKHUFT NHS

I became very aware when looking at applications that came through to us, the qualifications people had. I knew I needed a qualification to progress, which is why I did the Team Leader Level 3 apprenticeship with EKC Group and I have just moved into a new role as a Deputy Operations Manager.

In an appraisal at work, where I was asked about what I would like to achieve in the future, I said I would like to progress and gain a qualification. Internal training was suggested, which would have been fine, but when apprenticeships started up again after lockdown there was no question, that was what I wanted to do, and I submitted an application then and there - driven by my desire to continue with education and progress. I walked in on that first day probably more nervous than any of the full-time students, but they probably just thought I was a tutor.

I am convinced that if I didn’t complete this qualification, I would not have been considered for senior roles. I also enjoyed being in the classroom, the teachers, the learning, comradery, and the facilities were great. I am considering doing the Level 5 Operations Manager in the future, but it is a lot longer a course, so that will be something I will revisit later on. I will take a break from education for now to enjoy the new role, because you really do have to devote the time, but I have enjoyed it and I think I will miss that.

Victoria Lawrence

Employability Officer - The Education People

I started my career in Kent County Council through a business administration apprenticeship. Since then our service has become part of The Education People and I have progressed into other roles within the team. Most recently I have started a role as Employability Officer, supporting the development of opportunities helping young people into the world of work.


I am also currently on my second year of a degree apprenticeship programme, working towards the Project Manager standard which works well with my current role as there are lots of projects to get involved with.

Apprenticeships have been a pivotal part of my career development, so I am a big advocate of them. I choose to do an apprenticeship because I was fed up with full-time education and wanted to be in the world of work. The apprenticeship allowed me to do this while still gaining qualifications.


I have been incredibly supported by my team throughout both my apprenticeships and have been lucky to have had career opportunities that peers my own age haven’t. I am looking forward to continuing my degree apprenticeship and hope to utilise these skills in project management roles moving forward.

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Lauren Selby CXK Apprentice Prog.JPG

Lauren Shelby

Compliance Administrator- CXK Ltd

I took the apprenticeship route partly because I came out of school with weak qualifications. I decided that an apprenticeship was right for me, because it meant I could gain the grades I needed, but could also work and earn at the same time.


I was given an incredible opportunity to complete my apprenticeship with CXK. I was provided with amazing support, they really helped broaden my knowledge on the qualification I was studying, but also helped build my confidence in a professional working environment. Being an apprentice in a large organisation can be daunting, but the people you are surrounded by can really make a difference.

Looking back on my apprenticeship what I enjoyed the most was putting into practice what I was learning. I really feel that I have come out the other side a more confident person. I completed my apprenticeship in Business Administration Level 2, and am now working as a compliance administrator, which I am really enjoying!


My next steps are to potentially move onto Business Administration Level 3 to help further my career in Administration in the future.

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